The Pepper Crusaders Story

The Pepper Crusaders were on a mission to save the world from the evils of bland food. El Cid, Enoch, and Godfrey were the fearless knights who led the charge. Each one had their own unique hot sauce recipe, and they were determined to spread the heat far and wide.

El Cid of Castile was a Castilian knight and warlord in medieval Spain. This perfect knight, was also a secret hot sauce fanatic. He spent most of his time dreaming up new ways to add heat to everything he ate. His hot sauce recipe was a fruity blend of mango, peach, habanero. It was so good, it could make a dragon cry.

Enoch of Nubia, on the other hand, was a trader who found God through his trades with the Europeans. When Pope Urban II called for Christians to fight for the Byzantine Empire, he saw it as a perfect opportunity to spread the heat. Enoch's hot sauce was made from fermented red Thai chilis and barrels of garlic. It had a tangy, unami flavor that was like nothing else in the world.

Godfrey was thier leader, a brave knight who had fought in the siege of Jerusalem and became their first unofficial king. His hot sauce recipe was a tangy blend of fermented jalapenos, pineapple, kiwi, and tequila. It was so good, people traveled from far and wide just for a single drop. 

Together, the Pepper Crusaders rode across the land, spreading the heat wherever they went. They faced many challenges, from rival hot sauce makers to armies of picky eaters. But they were undeterred, for they knew that they were on a noble mission to save the world from the evil forces of blandness.

One day, they received a distress call from a small village that was under attack from a horde of tasteless invaders. The Pepper Crusaders sprang into action, riding their trusty steeds into battle. They brandished their bottles of hot sauce like swords, and the invaders quaked in fear.

But then, something unexpected happened. The invaders tasted the Pepper Crusaders' hot sauces and were immediately converted. They fell to their knees, begging for forgiveness and pledging to join the crusade against bland food.

The Pepper Crusaders welcomed the former invaders into their ranks and rode off into the sunset, spreading the heat and the flavor to every corner of the earth. For the Pepper Crusaders knew that their mission was far from over. There were still countless taste buds waiting to be awakened, and they were determined to unite the fight against bland food everywhere. Join the Crusade!


Hi, we’re Zack and Ali Frostic the creators of Pepper Crusaders! Our shared love of cooking, chicken wings, and hot sauce led us to start creating our own, homemade hot sauces.

We found ourselves looking to add flavor and heat to our meals, but were often disappointed with traditional hot sauces that were all heat and vinegar, but lacking the deep complex flavors we were craving. We knew that we could make it better at home, so we did! We spent hours formulating, experimenting, taste testing, and finally creating the perfect hot sauce. 

Each of our recipes are named after a different Crusader character, based off of the historical Christian Crusades that occurred during the medieval ages. The art style is attributed to our 90s childhoods, love for comic books, and all things science fiction. We plan to make many more unique crusaders to satisfy everyone's taste buds.